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Specifications and pricing                       Delivery Policy                   Refunds and Returns Policy                  Repair Service                     Payment Options


Specifications and pricing of goods ʉ۬Specifications of goods shown on this web site may differ from the actual article and are subject to manufacturers changes without prior notice. All prices are subject to change without notice.


Delivery policy
  Delivery charge is subject to order as well as Delivery Destination. Please contact Kolorsource SA's sales for current amount. For distribution local and nationwide, Kolorsource SA relies on the services of courier companies. Customers are responsible for the full amount of delivery charges. Customers will be asked to pay the delivery charges in advance, as per the courier’s quotation.


Refunds and Returns Policy   Should a customer wish to return any goods, its should be done within 7 days from purchase date. Acceptance thereof is solely up to Kolorsource SA’s Management upon assessment.

NO REFUNDS WILL TAKE PLACE ON GOODS AFTER 10 business days FROM PURCHASE DATE in accordance to the Consumer Protection Act. Click HERE for a copy of the Consumer Protection Act

Goods returned for credit must be in their original packing complete with all instructions and manuals. Kolorsource SA reserve the right to refuse credit for any goods returned not complying with these terms.

  • NO REFUNDS WILL BE DONE ON ANY EQUIPMENT DUE TO THE NATURE OF WARRANTIES. Should any equipment be defective or faulty, and returned more than 7 days after purchase, it will be accessed and if repairable, will be repaired with a full repair report.  Should it be irreparable due to any defect, it will be replaced by a new unit, but no refund will be done.
  • No credits will be given on goods returned after seven days or more from date of purchase.
  • A copy of the original invoice must accompany goods returned for credit. Goods will not be credited without this.
  • A 10% handling charge will be levied on all goods returned if a credit is given more than 7 days after date of purchase, subject to acceptance rules laid out above.
  • Warranties are null and void on any Equipment and/or goods damaged by lightning or power surges.
  • Warranties are null and void on any goods returned with physical damage.
  • No credits will be given on any goods returned with lightning, power surge or physical damage.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all goods sold by Kolorsource SA come with a one year carry in warranty.
  • Kolorsource SA do not do on site service.
  • A copy of the original invoice must accompany goods returned as faulty. All goods sold by Kolorsource SA are scanned and Kolorsource SA will not attend to any faulty goods without a copy of the original invoice or where such goods do not show on our scanning system as having been purchased from Kolorsource SA.
  • While every effort will be made to attend to faulty goods as soon as possible, we regret that no faulty goods will be attended to immediately. A minimum turnaround time of 24 hours with a maximum time of 72 hours will be the general rule. Goods that have to be returned to overseas suppliers will take between one week and six weeks to repair or replace.
  • A minimum charge, which changes from time to time, will be levied on goods returned as faulty, where the fault is found not to have been caused by a product or assembly supplied by Kolorsource SA or where the fault is caused by software.
  • A manufacturer may change specifications and warranty terms for any products at its own discretion and without prior notice. Kolorsource SA cannot be held responsible for any loss to any client through a change of warranty terms.
  • Kolorsource SA do not accept bank guaranteed, private or company cheques as payment. No exceptions will be made
  • Kolorsource SA reserves the right to offer limited warranties of less than one year on any or all of its products or components. It is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain the full terms of the warranty of any product they are purchasing prior to acceptance and / or payment of the goods.
  • Goods remain the property of Kolorsource SA until fully paid for.
  • There will be no refunds on opened sealed package in any circumstances.
  • Any items brought into Kolorsource SA which are not standard Kolorsource SA stock items will not be under any circumstances accepted for credit by Kolorsource SA .

Repair, Maintenance & Service Centre We endeavor to repair most of the equipment.  Call us with breakdown of the malfunction or the problem of the device and we will advise accordingly

Privacy Policy All transactions that has been initiated are confidential to this site. This privacy policy applies to all the web pages related to this website. All the information gathered in the online forms on the website is used to personally identify customers that subscribe to this service. The information will not be used for anything other that which is stated in the Terms & Conditions of use for this service. None of the information will be sold or made available to anyone. By using this website, you signify your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions Policy.

Payment Options

Currencies All transactions will be processed in South African Rands (ZAR) unless agreed differently.

  • Payment Clearance: No goods will be released until payment has been confirmed as being in Kolorsource SA’s account.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): Customers may currently pay by making (EFT) Electronic Fund Transfer over the Internet into Kolorsource SA’s bank account. Should customer pay cash into our account at ATM or inside bank branch, they will be liable for the cash deposit fees. Please contact us for our bank details
  • Customer reference: Please indicate clearly on the payment or the EFT your Order No. or Invoice No.
  • Proof of Payment: Customers are requested to email/fax payment slip with reference number (if any) and their own details clearly stated to (+2786) 653-3005.
  • Credit Card: With the introduction of e-commerce on Kolorsource SA web site, customers will be able to pay by Visa and Master cards online, using secure pages (see Security Policy). 
  • Kolorsource SA will not accept any bank guaranteed, private or company cheques as payment.