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Information about pigments we use in P.C. everyday.  by Linda H. Dixon, MD

Inorganic Pigments Iron oxides (Fe2O3 and Fe3O4) lack a carbon molecule and are therefore "inorganic". Iron oxides in nature (dirt) are often combined with toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony and selenium. The FDA has regulated cosmetic colorants so the level of toxic metal present are below certain percentages in order to be used safely.

Synthetic iron oxides are manufactured to eliminate the contamination of naturally occurring iron oxides. These metals are basically inert, although iron oxide blacks (magnetite) do have magnetic properties. Iron oxides are a softer metal than titanium dioxide.Iron oxide molecules are crystals and are in different shapes. Some are spherical, others are rhomboids and yet others look like a pencil shaped crystal (long and narrow). Ultraviolet light can affect the crystalline structure and result in loss of color activity. Light fastness or "reflectance" describes a particle's ability to reflect light at a certain wavelength. Most synthetic iron oxides are manufactured in the visible light spectrum and have maintain good reflectance. Examples of the endurance of iron oxides are the cave paintings which have endured thousands of years in darkness.


Helen SnowHelen Snow

KolorSource™ pigments have their origin and safety track record since 1990 beginning with Helen Snow of Scottsdale, Arizona. Helen Snow is a beloved and respected permanent cosmetic professional and instructor since the early nineties. Helen takes a very practical and safe approach toward permanent makeup pigments. Helen knows from experience that colors change in the skin over time from exposure to sunlight to skin rejuvenating glycolic acids and Retin A and many other factors. Some colors, such as black, fade more quickly than others and in time procedures need to be refreshed.  She also knows to avoid tattoo "inks" suck as Pelikan ink because they migrate or streak in the eyeliner and they get "blurry" over time in the brows.

Note: Unique to Kolorsource are the NuBrown Brow Colors, brow colors that do not turn pinkey or orangey and stay true to color over time.  Just look for the NuBrown name after the color.