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  Basic PMU Course - Brows Eyeliner Lips
  Basic Fundamental PMU & Microblading
  Advance - Pain Control incl INTERNATIONAL EXAM
  Advance - Blush Lips
  Advance - Eyeshadow
  Advance - Areola Re-pigmentation
  Advance - Scar Revision
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A 50% deposit is required to hold your seat for the course. All advanced deposits must include a signed copy of the Registration Form. The remaining tuition balance will be FULLY PAID 14 days PRIOR the commencement of the class. 

Refresher Courses: All students may take a refresher course, but must furnish us with proof of certificate for original training. Proof of prior enrollment is required to register.

Attendance: Class attendance is the student’s responsibility. If any student feels they are unable to complete the course as needed, they must notify the instructor immediately so that other arrangements can be made. The tuition amount will remain the same.

Kolorsource SA Instruction and Staff: Kolorsource SA Instructors are rigorously trained in all phases of Permanent Makeup technology. Programs are updated to keep pace with the latest technique and procedures, ensuring our students the best education possible. This is to guarantee confidence and satisfaction that you are learning from the best! Kolorsource SA offers complete training and certification in Permanent Makeup, however, each Country has its own rules and regulations governing this profession. Please check your Country for approved policies and procedures.